Free shipping on retail orders!

Free shipping on retail orders!

Introducing oxygenized hemp cannabinoids to the world.

Spectrum Supply Co. is leading the industry in a new type of hemp-based product utilizing oxygenized cannabinoids. See what makes our products different from anything else on the market.

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      Sugar Extrax Slaps Moon Blunt Collab – Golden Ticket

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      Sugar Extrax Slaps Moon Blunt Collab – Girl Scout Cookie

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      Slap Hemp Co. Moon Blunt – Jack Herer

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      Mr. O’s Cosmic Carts 4N1 – Lemon Melonaide

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      Mr. O’s Cosmic Carts 4N1 – Blackberry Guava Kush

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      Mr. O’s Cosmic Carts 4N1 – Raspberry Riptide Gelato

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      Mr. O’s Cosmic Carts 4N1 – Grand Daddy Grape


      Why our products are special:

      Formulated with live resin

      Strain-specific effects

      Customized terpene formulations

      Made with oxygenized cannabinoids

      Our goal is to help our customers:

      • Experience a dimensional shift

      • Connect spiritually on a deeper level

      • Experience euphoria and a psychedelic experience

      • Experience heightened senses

      About Spectrum Supply Co. Products

      Here at Spectrum Supply Co. we pride ourselves on producing and perfecting the most effective combinations of cannabinoids and deltas in the industry. We like to call our products Psychoactive Psychedelic Cannabinoid Combinations, giving our customers a different experience than they’ve ever had before in the legal hemp market.

      We commonly hear that our products deliver a cleaner, more bio-available, and longer-lasting light and fun experience instead of the panic-stricken paranoia other options leave you with.

      We are the original creators of Honey THCO, our revolutionary combination of deltas and cannabinoids that have been oxygenated. Our formulations are unique and vastly different, developed to empower people wanting and willing to take control of their own wellness, using the holistic properties found in cannabinoids. Experience a new out-of-this-world experience. Our goal, each and every day, is to give humans a reason to smile.

      We have new product launches every 45 days!


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