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What is Live Resin?

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What is Live Resin?


  • Live resin is a relatively new cannabis product, first created around 2013.
  • It is made using only fresh cannabis plant.
  • It is best known for its rich flavor and aromatic profile.

When looking at cannabis concentrated products on the market, the options are endless. Wax, shatter, sugar, jelly…there’s an abundance of products to choose from. One of the concentrates currently getting plenty of attention: live resin exotic cannabis derived terpenes can be found in our 2:1 Cosmic Carts Live Resin and TCH-O  and our 7 in 1 Heavy Hitter Disposable Vape Pens

6 in 1 Cartridge Live ResinWhat in Live Resin? Mr.O's Cosmic Carts7 in 1 Heavy Hitter Disposable Vape Pen Live Resin7 in 1 Heavy Hitter Disposable Vape Pen Live ResinHeavy Hitter Slap Hemp CO. 7 in 1 Disposable Vape Pen Live Resin

So, why is this product so sought after now? It’s is a form of cannabis concentrate that is best known for it’s high quality, potency and rich aroma, making it a favorite product of consumers.

What is live resin, exactly?

L R is a cannabis concentrate extracted from freshly harvested marijuana plant material that’s been flash-frozen (or fresh frozen) at sublevel temperatures, blasted with solvents like butane, propane, or butane hash oil (BHO), and pressed. The obscurely unique technique to extract it is exactly what makes this concentrate so wanted. It allows the curing and drying steps to be skipped. Instead, the fresh or “live” plant is frozen soon after the harvesting. This explains why other cannabis products you may have seen in the market are shown or advertised as “live.”

Cannabis plants can go through a variety of processes before they becomes the product you see on our shelves. These processes can include the of trimming, curing, drying and extraction among others that are used to preserve or prepare the final product. During these the natural terpene profile of marijuana is damaged and as a result almost 55% of terpenes and other natural plant compounds are usually lost. The amazing extraction process used to make our live resin allows its terpene profile to stay as close to the natural fresh plant as possible, typically making it richer in aroma and flavor and the use of our ceramic cartridges allow it to stay as health conscious as possible.

What do terpenes have to do with live resin?

The answer: essentially everything. Especially for Spectrum Supply Co. We use live resin exotic cannabis derived terpenes. These terpenes are used to not only flavor our products but help pull out the strain specific effects. This strain specific terpene extraction determines how your body metabolizes the strain specific terpenes found in our sativa, hybrid, and indica products.

Terpenes are natural compounds found in cannabis that are responsible for it’s unique smell and overall flavor profile. There are two main groups of these compounds in marijuana: monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes.

Monoterpenes have smaller molecules and are responsible for lighter and fresher aromas. These include terpenes like myrcene, limonene, terpinolene and linalool.

Sesquiterpenes have larger molecules and give cannabis its heavier aromatic undertones. Examples of these are caryophyllene and humulene.

A fresh marijuana plant has higher amounts of monoterpenes compared to sesquiterpenes. During the curing process, monoterpenes are first to evaporate due to their smaller size, and the terpene profile of the final product is usually richer in sesquiterpenes.

Products like live resin are 2% richer in monoterpenes according to High Times, and as a result, they have a fresher aroma than products that have gone through the curing process. According to the same research, “live resin contains 11% less sesquiterpenes by weight than non-live resin.”

What does flash (or fresh) frozen mean?

According to Leafly this is a cannabis preservation method that implies immediate freezing of the cannabis plant after the harvest. It is done at subcritical temperature using dry ice or cryogenic freezing machines. This way the plant retains its natural compounds and natural flavor. This is a relatively new technique that is used to produce high-quality extracts.

What does live resin look like?

The consistency can differ depending on the raw material used in production. It’s golden color develops based on the strain of flower. It can be sticky and soft, or fluid, like oil or saucey. The terpenes tend to be liquid-like oil. So, the amount and the type of terpenes determine the texture and consistency of live resin. Our Live Resin Carts and Heavy Hitter Series are fluid and used for vaping and are at the top of the flavor scale. Resins are all made differently, but the result is the same. Our customers crave stronger, flavorful experiences for relief, relaxation, unwinding and enjoying life and that’s exactly what we give them!

Live Resin 6 in 1 Cartridges and 7 in 1 Disposable Vape Pens

Our Live Resin Exotic Cannabis Derived Terperne Products

Are Cosmic Carts & Heavy Hitters right for you?

At Spectrum Supply Co. let our sales team walk you through the amazing benefits of live resin terpenes. We’ll also help you navigate the ins and outs of all of our unique products. Resin is very flavorful, but also very potent, so it’s helpful to ask questions before you experiment with it.

We’re all about helping you have the best experience possible.



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